Creative Spotlight:
The bespoke artistry of local creative Lyndell Giuliano. 
From Curtains to Custom-made Cushions

April 1st, 2021

What began as a bag of brocade and braid ends finished as an exclusive small-run range of beautiful feature cushions. 

In collaboration with a local curtain maker, creative Lyndell Giuliano specialises in high-end, custom designs. 

Offering a bespoke collection of French and American ends and offcuts, she had the feeling they were far too beautiful to waste, repurposing them into works of art.

It took the creative eye of Lyndell, and an evening with talented girlfriends (a seamstress and an interior designer), to envision these end pieces as beautiful hero cushions.

The braid was arranged in complimentary warm tones to provide harmonies of colour, texture, and form.

Each cushion is unique, and a work of art. They will look stunning as the central piece of a cushion arrangement or as a standalone feature.

Owing to the quality and scarcity of the braid, and the time to make each one, Lyndell crafts limited numbers of cushions and they are available exclusively through Suzie Anderson Home.

We invite you to explore the exclusive range below and trust you will be as delighted as we are with the intricacy and beauty of each design. 

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