January 8th, 2021

The bedside is the perfect place to style your most loved objects, and plays an essential role in creating a beautiful sleep haven, where you can relax and restore your senses.
The bedside is one of the first things you see when you walk into the bedroom, so creating a bedside that is curated and in-line with your overall decor style, balancing both form and function, is crucial for the bedrooms overall ambience. 
Today we share our fool-proof Bedside Styling Formula so you can discover how to create beautiful bedsides from scratch. For inspiration, we are sharing 3 of our favourite bedside looks and essential design principles that are guaranteed to help you to transform your bedroom into the sleep sanctuary of your dreams.   

Bedside Styling Formula: 

1. Pick your Decor Style and Colour Palette // + 2. Select your Bedside // + 3. Choose your Light Source // + 4. Accessorise (Lustre; Living; Loved) //
+ 5. Styling (Grouping in Pairs; Rule of 3; Layering Heights & Textures).

For most of us, deciding on a decor style or colour palette is the simplest step as it is often pre-determined by your homes existing interior style. If you are currently re-decorating or just starting your home styling journey, you can explore our Style Resource Guide or take our Interior Style Personality Quiz  to discover your unique style. When selecting your bedsides, make sure they are at-least the height of your mattress and keep functionality in mind when deciding on your preferred storage options, so you can hide away any clutter or knick-knacks such as journals, reading glasses, eye-mask or phone chargers. Lighting is the statement piece that informs your chosen accessories. Placing your light source in the centre gives it scale and height,  whereas placing it off-centre allows you to experiment with the form and function of your accessories. 

When selecting your accessories, be sure to include something loved, something with lustre and something living. Adding something loved brings a personal touch and includes books, family heirlooms, photo frames, luxury fragrances, artwork or jewellery boxes. Next, adding something living such as an unstructured flower arrangement,  simple fresh foliage or a succulent can both soften and refresh the room with living energy.  Lustre is often what makes a design truly shine, and adding subtle shimmer through a reflective mirrored tray, pewter frame, crystal decanter or mouth-blown vase can bring a sense of glamour and charm that would otherwise be missed.

Finally, experiment styling with some simple design rules, such as 'Grouping in Pairs', 'the Rule of Three', and Layering. When grouping in pairs, such as a pair of photo frames, or a tall vase and candle, stagger the smaller object slightly forward to create depth. When using the rule of three, experiment with grouping similar objects in varying heights to create a triangular shape, such as three photo frames in different shapes or sizes. You can also try grouping different objects together to create a beautiful vignette that creates visual interest. Another way to create interest is through layering different heights and textures such as placing a standing decorative piece on top of a horizontal stack of books.  When using photo or picture frames, be mindful that the images in the frame compliment the colour of your decor so they blend rather than dominate the look.

Bonus Tips: 
Make sure to include some negative/white space & keep functionality and practicality in mind to make your night-time routine more enjoyable. Different design styles will often have different uses of space – for example, an Urban Industrial design will have far more negative space due to it's minimalistic design compared to a lived-in, Relaxed Country design. 

Hamptons Style is natural, elegant, considered and welcoming.
The colour palette includes shades of white and blue, dark or white painted timbers & silver/nickel accents.  In this look we choose a white painted bedside, but a black painted or natural timber bedside is also fitting. This look is streamlined, so having hidden storage ensures that you can hide away any clutter to maintain a clean look. Lighting options include table Lamps or Wall Sconces in bronze, nickel, brass and glass. For accessories, mirrored objects, crystal vases, picture frames & elegant trays provide lustre. For something loved, consider your favourite ceramic, a sumptuous throw, candle or natural collected element of coral, shells or driftwood. Complete the look add a living touch with unstructured floral arrangements of hydrangeas and gardenias.

Items Pictured:
Brighton White Bedside Table C&A Homewares; 
Aromatherapy co. Palo Santo Blend Candle
; Royal Selangor English 5R V&A Pewter Photo Frame
Urban Lighting Swanston Table Lamp
; Florabelle Artificial Hygrandea Water | 49cm White
; Florabelle Glory Crystal Glass Vase
; New Direction Imports Round Marble Tray | Small
; Hermès Avalon III throw blanket


Relaxed Country interiors feel warm, relaxed and inviting, with a mix of modern and timeworn pieces and decorative objects. The colour palette includes chalky whites, soft greys, rattan, natural timbers, green and muted reds. In this look, we choose a Bedside made from recycled pallets and pine wood, however a chalky repurposed painted bedside would also fit this style. For Lighting, consider an oversized table lamp or pendant made of rattan, cane, metal, bronze or wicker. For accessories, a simple glass vase, photo frame & glazed ceramic create lustre. For something loved, we recommend rattan baskets or trays to  a hold hand quilted throw, old leather books or meaningful decorative pieces. To brighten the look, include a fresh and colourful unstructured hand picked flowers from the garden.

Items shown:

One World Southampton Bedside Table | Natural; Royal Selangor English 5R V&A Pewter Photo Frame; 
Summer Courtyard Photographic Print by Warranbrooke; 
Durance Pillow Perfume | Linen Flower
; Florabelle White Spike Bowl | Small
; Dandoleni Stirrup Table Lamp Base & Shade | Bronze Finish;
 French Country Vienna Coffee Mug; 
White Heather Square Rattan Coasters | Set of 6 | Antique
; Florabelle 30cm Faux Peony with Glass Vase; 
White Heather Baby Rattan Tray | Antique
; C & A Homewares Horse Head
; The "Book of Secrets" | Antique brown leather


Urban Industrial style is  uncluttered with a preference for  a minimalistic look that is fundamentally functional and stylish. This style is a really a great example of form meeting function. The colour palette includes shades of greys, deep greens, navy and white complimented by black painted or stripped, unfinished woods and timbers. In this look, we selected a black-painted timber bedside, but for a more rustic look, consider a recycled timber and iron nightstand.
Lighting options for bedsides include finishes of  brass, zinc, rusty metal and iron in adjustable  standard lamps, or tilting desk lamps. Using recycled elements repurposed into lamps is also a fabulous design inclusion for bedsides.
For accessories, a tinted glass candleholder or vintage trophy creates lustre. For something loved, select a 1-2 sentimental objects such as a thick wool throw, mantel clock or black & white photograph in leather or pewter frames. Complete the look with structured plants such as simple boxwood or succulent or magnolia leaves to soften and add living energy to the more utilitarian look.

Items shown:

One World Southampton Bedside Cabinet | Black; 
Bemboka Pure Cotton Rib Throw | Marl Ink; 
Francalia Black Glass Candleholder | 30cm; 
Florabelle Faux Hamptons Boxwood Ball; 
PS Home & Living Charlotte Silent Mantel Clock | Grey
; Emac & Lawton Newcastle Table Lamp | Antique Silver

Lighting changes how we see a space and how we feel when we are in that space.

There are 4 main lighting styles; Accent Lighting, Ambient Lighting, Task Lighting and Mood Lighting.

Begin building your lighting foundation with Ambient lighting, which is fundamental to a properly lit room and provides the overall illumination through lighting fixtures such as Chandeliers, Ceiling Pendants and down lights and it can also include natural light from windows or skylights. 

Task Lighting includes stationary & adjustable Table and Floor Lamps and makes a nice addition to the ambient lighting for the purpose of reading, writing or working. Task Lighting in the form of Table Lamps also serves to frame the bedsides and provide a streamlined, symmetrical look. It is also a lovely way to add a middle level layer of lighting to a room to add to a more welcoming environment.

Next is Accent lighting, which creates visual interest in a room. Use accent lights such as wall sconces  to frame the focal point of your bedroom, such as wall art, a bedroom vanity, reading corner or other architectural features. 

 Lastly, Mood Lighting is where you can get creative with pretty tea-light candles, dinner candles, hurricane lamps or decorative lights that function both as decorative objects and provide soft illumination.