[VIDEO] HOW TO Decorate TUSCAN Style Homes | Fresh & Contemporary Tuscan Looks

Today, we are showcasing the Tuscan Interior Design Style. Rustic, sun-baked, warm and inviting, this style draws inspiration from nature, and refers to the interior design movement in Italy during the Renaissance period. 

This style is characterised by its elegant simplicity, earthy hues and extensive use of unfinished woods, terracotta and wrought-iron.

// 1. Colour Palette // 2. Architectural Features // 3. Flooring // 4. Lighting // 5. Window Treatments // 6. Furniture // 7. Textures & Materials // 8. Artwork // 9. Accessories // 10. Plants & Greenery

Explore our step-by-step styling guide to learn how you can incorporate some of these decorating principles in your own home!

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