[VIDEO] HOW TO decorate URBAN LOFT Style Interiors | Our Top 10 Insider Design Tips

This week we are highlighting the Urban Loft design style.
Combining industrial finishes with modern chic furnishings, this style is celebrated for its ability to harmonise contrasting elements and pays homage to the pre-existing architectural features seen in old warehouses.
Loft-style interiors prioritise visual flow, through the careful zoning, abundant natural light, soothing colour palette, and the inclusion of a few eye-catching accessories, to achieve a minimal and sophisticated elegance.
1. Colour Palette // 2. Architectural Features // 3. Flooring // 4. Lighting // 5. Window Treatments // 6. Furniture // 7. Texture & Materials // 8. Art & Mirrors // 9. Accessories // 10. Living Energy //
We invite you to explore the step-by-step styling guide below.

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