Discover whether a slipcovered sofa or occasional chair is right for your home and personal design style with our in-depth guide below.

A slipcovered sofa comes with a removable fitted cover made of fabric.
I find the most attractive type is when there are separate covers for the base frame of the sofa and individual covers for seat, back and throw cushions. This still allows the shape of the design to be seen rather than looking like a quick fix cover up. 

Slipcovers can also be made to cover previously upholstered sofas and armchairs, or if newly made, the undercover is often made of ‘cotton duck’ or calico fabric which simply covers the frame, foundation, and cushions.


Source: Suzie Anderson Home

Slipcovered sofas are perfect for a relaxed, casual look.
However, for a more streamlined look you can always request a fitted slipcover that is made to be a tighter fit using zips, buttons and Velcro.

Another advantage is that you can change covers according to the season, for when friends with small children or animals are visiting and in situations such as an air b n b where there may be the need to quickly cover any marks.

We recommend purchasing additional slipcovers from the source of your frame so you can order extra covers for your exact model. If you like your fabric really fitted, then a slipcover style may not be for you as depending upon your fabric choice, the sofa may be prone to wrinkling, especially around the skirt of the sofa as the fabric relaxes with use.

Source: Six Penny

In Australia the harsh UV light can both fade and eventually cause the fabric to deteriorate over time. If your sofa is exposed to full sunlight most of the day you may want to consider a UV protected indoor/outdoor linen to slow the potential fading.

Select linen for an organic, natural look or a linen blend with Teflon coating for protection against wear and tear.
We recommend avoiding 100% polyester as it doesn’t offer the drape and beauty of natural textiles.

Source: New York Times

Depending upon the size of your sofa you may find it easier to take to the laundromat that offers a high-capacity load machine to wash and hang dry or dry clean your covers.

It is advisable to clean all covers including seat and throw cushions simultaneously whenever possible to ensure the appearance of the fabric stays looking uniform.

Prewash your fabric before your upholsterer makes up the slipcovers to avoid future shrinkage when laundered. Alternatively use pre-washed or stonewashed fabrics that have already been pre-shrunk. Line or clothes horse dry as opposed to machine drying to avoid shrinkage and to preserve the integrity of your fabric.

Source: Suzie Anderson Home

Slipcovered sofas look fantastic in coastal, Hamptons, French country and Belgian style interiors.
They offer a more organic, rustic look that contributes to the soft, welcoming and lived-in feel.

Source: Chango & Co