Colo Knife Rack


When it came time for Sibella Court to renovate her kitchen, she called up her blacksmith to design a knife holder that would best show off the lovely knife handles. The Colo Knife Rack was the result!

The perfect pairing of brass & blackened steel, the rack is more than just a functional object and becomes a decorative piece in its own right.

DIMENSIONS | 41cm high x 12.5cm wide x 3.8 cm deep. Due to the hand-beaten nature of this product, dimensions & form may vary slightly.

MATERIAL | brass, blackened steel & magnets

GOOD FOR | knife rack

WHERE TO USE | indoor

INSTALLATION NOTES | Comes with screws. Screws aren’t self-tapping so we recommend giving them a head start by pre-drilling. Due to the handmade nature of this product, dimensions may vary slightly and it’s recommended to measure each fitting individually before fixing. Can be installed vertically or horizontally

CARE NOTES | will age over time.

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