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Scandinavian style is natural, textural, minimal and uncluttered. Scandinavian interiors are chalky white to maximise light, and furniture choices are generally pale, bleached, time worn or painted, as is the flooring.

Painted walls softened by natural materials in drapery and blinds. Functionality and simplicity are valued, which means everything has its purpose, and decor consists of a few sentimental objects that bring joy.

Reflected in Scandinavian style is a love of nature with plenty of living greenery and unstructured floral arrangements. Natural textural throws and soft furnishings in hopsack, heavy linens, soft faux fur and wool are used to transition from season to season to provide both warmth, functionality and style.

Scandinavian style is timeless, and as such, can take on a more modern, contemporary feel, as well as including more bespoke, antiques for a more classic look.

For a step-by-step guide to creating the Scandinavian look explore our guide HERE and shop the style online.