The Magic of Mirrors

14 products

14 products

Mirrors make a beautiful decorative statement in any design style and are a fantastic alternative to traditional artwork, particularly when selected for unique and ornate frames.

Mirrored pieces, including furniture and decor add a glamorous touch and lustre to any interior. 

As discussed in previous videos, Lustre is the state or quality of shining by reflecting light. 

Our favourite way to add lustre to any room is with glossy or mirrored surfaces, frames, decor & furniture. These materials add a contemporary charm and lift the space, stopping it from looking flat.

We love how mirrors calm the mind and evoke serenity by circulating the natural light and providing the illusion of a larger space.

Mirrors are a wonderful way to double the visual impact of any item they reflect, whether that is a sculptural light fixture or gleaming crystal chandelier, a lush garden or courtyard view, art collection, wallpaper or existing architectural mouldings.

The trick is to place your mirror where the light naturally falls as this will bounce light around the room, lifting other lustrous decor, whilst brightening and expanding the room.