Dal Rossi Chess & Checkers Set | Double Weighted Chess Pieces


Dal Rossi 38 cm Walnut Chess Checkers raised wooden display board with drawers and chess piece compartments.

The Walnut Chess Checkers pieces are solid and heavy, so you'll feel like a chess master!

The combination set gives you the choice of playing chess or checkers.

All chess pieces are double weighted giving a professional feel.

Dal Rossi have been crafting these boards for many years, this medieval walnut chess/checkers combination is of such a high quality that you will have this chess set for your entire life and pass it on to your children.

The two drawers provide storage for the wooden pieces when not in use, which makes this set easy to store or travel with.

It features the high quality workmanship you have come to enjoy in a luxurious game collection.

Great for children and adults.