French Chateau Living | Hardcover


Providing intimate insight into life in a French ch̢teau, this volume takes readers on an insider�۪s tour of the Ch̢teau du Lude, a private residence that features its original decorative interiors.��

Nestled in the idyllic Loire Valley, the Ch̢teau du Lude is one of the most historic ch̢teaus in France; Bluebeard besieged the castle on his way to join Joan of Arc�۪s crusade, and it earned the rare distinction of having survived the French Revolution intact. Today, the Lude is inhabited and impeccably maintained by the Count and Countess Louis-Jean de Nicolay, whose family has owned the property for over 250 years. They invite readers to discover the ch̢teau�۪s well-preserved interiors and gardens, which feature a medieval kitchen, an Italian Renaissance studiolo, and exceptional horse stables, offering a glimpse into the lifestyle of the ch̢teau�۪s inhabitants, past and present. Newly commissioned photographs offer unprecedented access into the hidden corners of the estate otherwise closed to the general public.��

About the Author

Barbara de Nicolay and her husband, Count Louis-Jean de Nicolay, live at Ch̢teau du Lude with their family.��

Eric Sander�۪s photographs have appeared in Smithsonian, Life, Time, Newsweek, Le Figaro Magazine, and in numerous books.

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