Goats And Sheep: A Portrait Farm


A selection of goats and sheep portraits in a profile, a sideward glance, or direct gaze.

When American photographer Kevin Horan moved from city to country, he found among his animal companions goats and sheep whose chorus of sounds suggested they were not just herd animals, but perhaps individuals as well.

Experienced in portraiture, Horan decided to photograph them in his studio, as though they were privileged clients.

The resulting images ask us to notice the variety, dignity, and personalities of these lowliest of creatures, who speak to us through the camera in a profile, a sideward glance, or direct gaze.

With different coats, faces, and expressions, they are funny, fascinating, intelligent, curious, engaging "others" who command our undivided attention and respect.

They remind us that we too are fellow creatures - and the camera isn't always on us.

Goats and Sheep. A Portrait Farm Hardback edition by Kevin Horan


Pages 112

Product dimensions 237 x 330 x 17mm