Shield Candle | The Society Inc


This candle is housed in a beautiful crafted porcelain shield vessel with a hand-tinkered zinc lid, made to be kept and later used for jewellery, trinkets or loose change.

Sibella of The Society Inc inherited a corked glass vial from my great-grandmother which still had remnants of its original tattered label reading Attar of Rose. The scent still vivid & intoxicating with its origins from the fresh petals of Rosa Damascena which led her on a journey to Syria to seek out the historical heavenly scent in the ancient spice markets of Damascus and recreate it for this beautiful candle.

A perfect gift that travels well and continues to give after its contents have long gone.

A secret message is revealed as the wax becomes translucent!

DIMENSIONS 13cm wide x 14cm long x 4cm high. Due to the hand-made nature of this product, slight variations in dimensions will occur.

FINISH  Soy-based wax, porcelain, zinc & cotton bag

CARE NOTES  Zinc lid will patina over time. When candle has burnt down, gently remove the wick collars and remaining wax. The porcelain base & lid can then be reused as a vessel for loose change, jewellery, cotton wool balls or whatever takes your fancy.

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