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At Suzie Anderson Home, we source only the most refined high-quality decor for you to acquire in just a few clicks. Whether you’re interested in adding a sense of class to your living room or designing your bedroom to be as comfortable as possible, our curated collection of classic and contemporary European homewares can elevate any space. 

Harken back to grander times with our range of elegant British colonial-style decor and homewares with some of our most beloved pieces. From artisanal trinket boxes to woven rattan tableware and botanical prints, our vast collection of decor and homewares can turn any space into a genteel and relaxing sanctuary. 

Styling your home with British colonial-style homewares and decor

Here is a quick styling guide to keep in mind when designing your home in the British-colonial style: 

  • The British Colonial Style Colour Palette

Neutral and white shades are the most favoured choices of colour for a British colonial-style house. These are then contrasted with dark-stained timbers, cane, rich mahogany, leather, and rattan. Green and blue can also be used for cushions and linens.
  • British Colonial Architecture

Be sure to create a backdrop of whitewashed walls accented with shutters, rattan screens, and ceiling fans.
  • Window Treatments and Lighting

Incorporate pendant lights made of brass, stained glass, rattan, or bamboo. Window trims can either be painted or left natural and often feature natural timber shutters. You can also have rattan or bamboo blinds and sheer, gauzy curtains. 

  • The decorative elements

Framed botanicals, leather books, and indoor tropical plants are all decorative elements used in British colonial-style houses. 

When decorating your home in the British colonial style, you can start simple with a few trinkets and statement homewares here and there. For example, our best-selling Antique Silver Monkey Candleholder could be placed on a coffee table or your fireplace mantle alongside books and other eye-catching artifacts. 

Similarly, you can display some of your favourite books on a prominent shelf along with a pair of our Leopard Bookends. These are simple but effective ways British colonial-style homewares can be introduced into your home. 

Once you’ve gathered the foundations, go for more significant pieces like one of our Rattan Dining Chairs or Pineapple Brass Table Lamps. When these types of pieces are accompanied by classic chalky white walls and some indoor plants, you’ll notice your home morphing into the classic and opulent manor of your dreams.

For a step-by-step guide to creating the British Colonial look, explore our guide here and shop the style online.

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From rattan furniture and other imported materials to brass lamps and silver candleholders, we carry the ornate, elegant, and high-quality homewares and decor you need to achieve a British colonial-style home. Our vast curated catalogue allows you to conveniently shop for premium, high-quality homewares, and decor all in one place.

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