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Rattan F.A.Q

Our extensive range of Rattan is perfect for all seasons and its versatility lends itself to both interior and alfresco spaces. Environmentally friendly & sustainable, rattan adds a welcoming & natural feel that is perfectly at home in a Hamptons, Coastal or French Country homes. Our collection includes rattan trays, rattan placemats, trays, baskets, umbrella holders, furniture, decor and more.

 Bringing the outdoors in, through woven, raw and repurposed materials gives the warmth of nature to any room and offers a timeless appeal. 

What is rattan?

A climbing vine-like species of palm, rattan is a fast-growing tropical plant which grows prolifically in Indonesia, the Phillipines, and other areas of South East Asia. It grows in the shape of a pole which varies in size, and is regarded one of the strongest woods, growing as high as 30 metres.

Rattan is perfect for all seasons and its versatility lends itself to interior and alfresco spaces. Mixing rattan alongside plaid & wools cushions in cooler months brings a rustic warmth, whereas styling it amongst cottons and canvas provides a relaxed and cooling space in the warmer seasons due to its lightweight and breathable structure.

Rattan lightens the atmosphere of even the grandest architecture and is associated with exotic travel destinations to understated farmhouses and is a perfect addition to counterbalance fine art and antiques. 

Rattan styling ideas

For a bolder statement
Antique brown wash rattan + navy, charcoal & plaid colourways + richer materials such as leather, heavy-weight linen and timber.

For a Hamptons & Coastal feel
White wash rattan + white, oatmeal & blue colourways + lighter materials such as bleached wood, coral and driftwood.

For a minimal & Urban feel
Grey wash rattan + muted grey, neutral undertones + contrasting textures of iron, stone, wood, concrete and exposed brick. 

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