French Dinner Coloured Candles

40 products

40 products

Suzie Anderson Home — the favoured source of premium dinner candles in Australia

From simple candles that lend a sense of classic charm to your coffee table to dinner taper candles coloured to match other design elements of your tablescape, Suzie Anderson Home sources some of the finest high-quality candles for you and your home.

We have a vast selection of the following:

  • Taper candles

These types of candles are long and slender, making them ideal pieces to feature prominently on the dining table or to frame both sides of a beautiful work of art. To stand erect, they need to be fitted into candelabras or candle sticks — which increases their aesthetic value even further. Some of our notable dinner taper candles come in the colour white, black and olive green.

  • Candle accessories

Our candle accessories make our candles easier and safer to use. Candle trimmers, candle sharpeners, and candle glue are a great addition to our French-made dinner candles.

Style your tables and countertops with French dinner candles

When trying to achieve the feel of a bygone era, dinner taper candles are an easy but effective solution. Placed on top of your dinner table and held upright by ornate and shimmering candle sticks — they can turn a simple meal into a fine-dining experience.

French dinner candles coloured to perfection can also complement the other design elements of the room or tablescape, allowing guests to enjoy a well-rounded and intricately designed environment.

Finally, when the dinner taper candles are lit safely, they cast an atmospheric glow on everything nearby. 

Versatile and beautiful whether used or not, candles are a useful interior design element that creates ambience. 

Shop our expansive range of elegant dinner candles

Suzie Anderson Home offers its customers some of the most premium and well-crafted dinner candles in Australia. A leading curator of stylish homewares, decor and even furniture, all you have to do is browse through our expansive catalogue to find that the elevated home of your dreams is just a few clicks away. 

With different shipping and payment options, shop for coloured dinner candles as well as other exotic and worldly homewares to your heart's content.