Design Spotlight: Coastal Style Kitchens

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      What are Coastal-style Kitchens?

      Coastal-style kitchens are light, open, and airy, and are reminiscent of beachside living.

      What is the Coastal-style Kitchen Colour Palette?

      The coastal style colour palette is inspired by the oceanic surroundings, incorporating shades of white, cool greys, tan, sand, beige, soft blues, and celadon greens.

      For contrast, incorporate stripped-back black accents alongside weathered and bleached wooden finishes. 

      Consider bolder pops of colours inspired by the sea, such as aqua, coral, or turquoise, to add visual interest.

      Lastly, elevate these soft neutrals with a mix of warm brass, matte black, or polished nickel accents.

      Materials and Finishes: 

      Coastal kitchens favour natural materials such as wood, rattan, bamboo, and marble. 

      These materials can be painted or left natural, and are present in the cabinetry, countertops, and flooring to evoke a warm, laid-back, and organic feel.

      For architectural interest, consider installing white or light-coloured beadboard or shiplap for the walls to create a beach cottage look.

      Cabinetry, Splashbacks, & Countertops.

      Coastal kitchens tend to favour a tiled splashback, with glass or glossy ceramic tiles being popular choices. These may feature herringbone, subway, or mosaic patterns in shades of white, blue, grey, or green. 

      For countertops, consider natural stones such as limestone, Calacatta, and Carrera.

      We recommend light-coloured or white-painted cabinets to create a bright and airy feel. Add personality with the inclusion of glass-fronts, panelled, and shaker designs. 

      Additionally, open shelving in some areas of the kitchen will allow you to display coastal-themed decor, ceramics, whitewash rattan, and fresh greenery. 

      Coastal Style Hardware:

      To enhance the coastal theme, select nautical-inspired hardware, such as rope drawer pulls or knobs featuring anchors, reef knots, shields, or woven wicker designs. 

      For a contemporary feel, opt for sleek hardware made from glossy ceramic, marble, or warm metals in finishes like brushed nickel, matte black or antique brass.

      Coastal Style Kitchen Flooring: 

      Like other areas of the home, Coastal style kitchen flooring includes natural, painted, or limewash hardwood flooring, painted concrete or light-coloured tiled flooring and luxury vinyl panels.

      These can be softened by floor mats of seagrass, sisal, and jute, or cotton dhurries in shades of blue, green, or cool neutrals, sometimes featuring striped and geometric prints.

      Lighting & Window Treatments:

      Coastal kitchen lighting ideas include pendants made from shell, clay, bamboo, wood, jute, or woven rattan.

      Alternatively, consider a pair of brass and opaque glass globe pendant lights, or organically shaped mouth-blown glass pendants for a contemporary feel. 

      Maximize natural light by choosing sheer or lightweight linen curtains, woven blinds, or wooden shutters to soften any harsh glare.

      Coastal Style Kitchen Furniture:

      Coastal-style kitchen furniture is minimal, lightweight, and relaxed. 

      In addition to the built-in cabinetry and kitchen islands, ideas include:

      • Kitchen bar stools made from painted metal, wicker, cane, bamboo, or pale woods.
      • Small wooden or metal step stools or stump stools.
      • A coastal-style hutch or sideboard in a distressed, painted, or whitewashed finish.
      • & If space allows, incorporate a breakfast dining nook with built-in bench seating layered with coastal-patterned cushions or upholstery.

      Coastal Style Kitchen Accessories and Decor:

      Decorate with coastal-themed accessories like large seashells, starfish, dried sea fans, driftwood, or coral. These can be displayed in glass jars, glossy ceramic vases, or on open vertical shelving. 

      If space allows display glass vases and whitewash rattan homewares alongside collections of white, blue. or celadon green glazed ceramics.

      Small scale coastal landscape art, photography, or abstract canvas artwork can be positioned on open shelving to create a focal point and reinforce the coastal theme.

      For freshness and vitality, incorporating living energy such as small succulents or fresh flowers can bring life and vibrancy to the kitchen.