The Magic of Mirrors | 5 Essential Styling Tips

The Magic of Mirrors | 5 Essential Styling Tips

Suzie Anderson | Owner of Suzie Anderson Home Suzie Anderson | Owner of Suzie Anderson Home
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Today we are sharing five reasons we love to decorate with mirrors & how to harness the magic of mirrors in your own home. 


Mirrors Make Decorative Statements

Mirrors make a beautiful decorative statement in any design style and are a fantastic alternative to traditional artwork, particularly when selected for unique and ornate frames. 

Frame materials include wood, iron, metal, rope, seagrass, jute, rattan/wicker, driftwood, bone inlay, resin, stone, mirrored, or frameless.

For example, mirrors featuring Starburst, French Louis Phillipe, or Rococo designs in elaborately detailed gold or silver gilt frames play a key role in adding depth, warmth, character, + glamour.

Antiqued glass mirrors soften and diffuse light and make a beautiful focal point for a living room. 

Urban industrial mirrors are arched, rectangular, or grid-like in style and feature black bronze or white metal frames. 

For a contemporary look, opt for a sleek bronze, brass, or black lacquered frame and clean face.

Photo Source: Suzie Anderson Home

Parisian Style Mirrors

Parisian-style mirrors can range from modern and structural in form to antique, ornate, and timeworn. 

Look for a signature baroque, shield, regency, or painted trumeau mirror, with foxed or speckled mirrored glass, demonstrating the pleasing patina of age.

Parisian style mirrors

Photo Source: Suzie Anderson Home

Coastal Style Mirrors

For a relaxed coastal or tribal feel, consider a bone inlay mirror, which features a combination of bone and resin.

Island Style 

Island-style mirrors feature frames of faux bamboo, woven seagrass, rattan, rope, painted distressed timber, or shell. 

decorating with mirrors

Coastal style mirrors

Photo Source: Suzie Anderson Home

Mirrors Add Lustre

Mirrors, including mirrored furniture and decor, add a glamorous touch and lustre to any interior. 

As discussed in previous videos, lustre is the state or quality of shining by reflecting light.  

Our favourite way to add lustre to any room is with glossy or mirrored surfaces, frames, decor & furniture. These materials add a contemporary charm and lift the space, stopping it from looking flat.

Mirrored furniture ideas include a fully or partly mirrored nightstand, console table, sideboard, desk, or headboard. 

For visual balance, we recommend keeping mirrored furniture as an accent piece. 

kara childress french mirrors

Photo Source: Kara Childress

Mirrors Add Visual Contrast

Mirrors are a creative way to add visual contrast and an element of surprise. 

For example, an ornately carved or curved mirror can add personality and elegance to angular spaces and restrained interiors. 

  • ROUND MIRRORS: A round mirror can complement horizontal wall panelling.
  • DISTRESSED GLASS: A distressed or foxed mirrored glass can be contrasted with a clean, wrought-iron or ebonised frame. 
  • ORNATE MIRRORS: An ornately carved or curved mirror can add personality and elegance to angular spaces.
  • REPLACE & REPURPOSE: You could also replace the mirror in your existing vintage or antique frame, giving aged gilt or chippy wooden frames a functional and decorative purpose. 
  • ADD DEPTH & DRAMA: Add modern drama with a lacquered, glossy or dark-painted timber frame. These can be positioned above mantels or in living rooms to add depth and contrast to a more relaxed, muted or neutral colour palette. 

mirrors and mirrored furniture

Photo Source: Architectural Digest and Suzie Anderson Home

Mirrors Brighten & Expand a Room

We love how mirrors calm the mind and evoke serenity by circulating the natural light and providing the illusion of a larger space.

Mirrors are a wonderful way to double the visual impact of any item they reflect, whether that is a sculptural light fixture or gleaming crystal chandelier, a lush garden or courtyard view, an art collection, wallpaper, or existing architectural mouldings. 

The trick is to place your mirror where the light naturally falls as this will bounce light around the room, lifting another lustrous decor whilst brightening and expanding the room.

Aside from a wall-mounted mirror, ideas include leaning floor and wall mirrors, shelf mirrors, mirrored ceilings, door or wall panels, and mirrored partitions. 

living room mirrors

Photo Source: Eyeswoon

Bonus Tip:

We recommend positioning mirrors slightly lower or at eye height to create a more intimate space. 

If you live in a rental, opt for a strategically placed floor mirror with a slender frame. 

The larger the mirror, the bigger the impact, making the smallest apartments feel brighter and larger. 

Mirrors are Versatile 

Lastly, mirrors are an extremely versatile decorative element that can be included in every room. 


The fire mantel is a prime location to place your most-loved mirror. To make your ceiling feel even higher, be generous with the height of your mirror. 

For visual balance, ensure that the mirror is the same width as the mantel or just a few inches smaller on each side. 

In Feng Shui, positioning a mirror above the mantel is said to fill your space with good energy, especially when reflecting on your garden.

fire mantel mirrors

Photo Source: Suzie Anderson Home


Bedroom mirrors include a small hand mirror, fully or partially mirrored nightstands, walk-in-wardrobe door panels, tall mirrored panels positioned behind your bedside lamps, and a full-length floor mirror. 

bedroom mirrors

Photo Source: Suzie Anderson Home


Feng Shui recommends placing your mirror on the wall perpendicular to your front door, not opposite it. This allows the good chi to stay in the home. 

If you do place a mirror opposite your front door, be mindful of what it reflects, such as lush greenery, a sculptural pendant, or an architectural feature.

entryway mirrors

Photo Source: Kara Childress


In Feng Shui, mirrors in the dining room are a symbol of abundance, wealth, and prosperity. 

Ideas include a panelled mirrored wall, a wall-mounted mirror placed above your buffet, or a mirrored bar cart or sideboard. 

dining room mirrors

Photo Source: Architectural Digest


Living room ideas include a cluster of different shapes and sizes utilising the rule of 3, wall-mounted mirrors placed opposite or next to windows, a large mirror placed above or on either side of the fire mantel, above a sideboard, as well as mirrored trays, dividers or wall panels. 

living room mirrors

Photo Source: Architectural Digest


Bathroom ideas include a vanity mirror, a free-standing dressing table mirror, mirrored panels, a mirrored tissue box, mirrored door panel, or a large mirror to frame the bathtub.

bathroom mirrors

Photo Source: Marie Flanigan and Suzie Anderson Home


Kitchen mirror ideas include mirrored cabinet doors, a mirrored splash-back or subway tile, and mirrored panels on the kitchen island.

kitchen mirrors

Photo Source: Suzie Anderson Home

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