Suzie's 5 Ls: Something with Lustre

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50 products

Lustre is the state or quality of shining by reflecting light. You can create this by including items with a reflective surface, such as crystal, glassware, mirrors, or pewter to lift the space and stop it from looking flat.  

Some words to describe lustre include metallic, waxy, radiant, vitreous, silky, pearly, or even the gently washed gilt and patina of an antique piece of furniture.

Lustre in Lighting:

As lustre is the way the surface of a mineral reflects light, one of the most eye-catching ways to include lustre, is with decorative lamps, glass hurricanes, crystal chandeliers + metal & glass ceiling lights.

Examples include a statement pendant in a metallic or glass frame, a French chandelier adorned with glass medallions, an elegant candelabra, or a collection of glass votives.

These have a particularly striking finish when positioned near a window or mirror, which doubles the impact of any light source. Be mindful of keeping the glass clean and sparkling so to get the most beautiful effect. 

You can also look for lamp bases, hurricanes and wall sconces crafted from bronze, brass, silver, glass, chrome, or gold.

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Want to learn more? Watch our step-by-step styling video on how to decorate with lustre here