How to Create your Own Sanctuary | Our Top 8 Insider Styling Tips
Today we are sharing our ideas for creating a space that is exclusively your own, to recharge, foster wellbeing, learn a new hobby or reconnect with what brings you joy.
The Ultimate Guide to Custom-made Sofas & Chairs
Discover whether a custom-made sofa or chair is right for your home and personal style with our in-depth guide.
The Ultimate Guide to Upholstered Sofas & Chairs
Discover whether a fully-upholstered sofa or occasional chair is right for your home and personal design style with our in-depth guide.
The Ultimate Guide to Slipcovered Sofas & Chairs 
Discover whether a slipcovered sofa or occasional chair is right for your home and personal design style with our in-depth guide.
10 Simple (Yet Effective) Ways to Update your Home | 2022
Today we are sharing 10 simple ways to update & refresh your home for 2o22. We hope these tips inspire you to create a restorative and inviting space that you love.
10 Stress-Free Entertaining Tips for your Next Event!
Today we are sharing our top 10 tips for stress-free entertaining, to help you create a magical ambience that encourages your guests to feel at home and allows you to have fun.
3 Beautiful Festive Tablescape Themes for 2021 | Our Top Insider Design Tips

Explore 3 different festive tablescape themes to inspire your own look this Christmas!

Christmas Playlist 2021
"Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand in hand."
- Dr. Seuss
The Curated Christmas Gift Guide
Explore our curated Christmas gift guide for 2021, featuring the best of accessories, fragrances, barware, home goods & even something for the avid gardener!
7 Unique Christmas Themes for 2021 | Our Top Festive Design Tips

As the Countdown to Christmas begins, we wanted to share 7 different Festive themes that we have created in-store to help inspire your own look this year.

HOW TO Decorate JAPANDI Style Interiors | Our Top 10 Insider Design Tips
Japandi style blends Scandinavian modern-rustic functionality with Japanese Zen Minimalism, to achieve a space that is calming, airy, tranquil and warm, reflecting a deep appreciation for nature.
HOW TO Decorate TUSCAN Style Homes | Fresh & Contemporary Tuscan Looks
Rustic, sun-baked, warm and inviting, Tuscan style draws inspiration from nature, and refers to the interior design movement in Italy during the Renaissance period. 
HOW TO DECORATE with Antique, Unique & Vintage Pieces | Our Top 8 Insider Design Tips
Through my travel and interiors journey I learnt that being amongst objects with age adds a beautiful soul to a space that would otherwise be missed. Explore our step-by-step guide to decorating antique, vintage and handmade items. 
7 ALFRESCO & OUTDOOR STYLING TIPS | How to DECORATE a Beautiful Alfresco Space
Relaxed, breezy & welcoming, the ideal Alfresco space is one that has a seamless indoor/outdoor flow, encourages you to unwind & caters to the different seasons and celebrations.
HOW TO decorate in a WHITE COLOUR Palette | Our Top Interior Styling Tips
White is a versatile and timeless backdrop in any design style, offering an opportunity to layer texture-rich materials and celebrate the smaller details.
HOW TO decorate in a BLACK COLOUR Palette | Our Top Interior Styling Tips
Streamlined, rich and inviting, a black colour palette serves as a blank canvas and provides a calm and cocooning feel. 
How to Decorate MONOCHROMATIC Interiors | Our Top 9 Insider Styling Tips & Tricks
Monochromatic themed homes are streamlined, minimal and harmonious, using light and dark variations of one colour to add a sense of differentiation and visual interest. Explore our step-by-step styling video.
ENTERTAINING ALFRESCO: Introducing The Bedarra Outdoor Collection 
The Hayman collection features sophisticated and classic designs crafted from the highest quality synthetic rattan to achieve timeless look and feel for years to come.
Creating an Unforgettable Guest Bedroom Experience
When it comes to creating that unforgettable experience for your guests, it is the little things that count. Explore our step-by-step guide to creating that home-away-from-home Guest Bedroom experience for your loved ones!
SAH Artists in Residence | Celebrating Local & NSW Artists
Explore our collection of one-of-a-kind artworks and hand-crafted pieces by these talented local and regional artists in the Southern Highlands and NSW.
7 Styling Tips for Serene & Spa-Worthy Bathroom (Even if its a rental!)
Transform your bathroom into an oasis with these 7 step-by-step styling tips for a serene, spa-worthy space.