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20 products

Holistic design focuses on creating harmonious and tranquil environments that support the well-being of occupants on physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels.

It incorporates natural elements, sustainable materials, and mindful design principles to promote harmony and balance. Colour psychology guides the choice of colours, with blue for calmness, green for harmony, and yellow for energy.

Architectural features prioritize natural light and air quality, while lighting systems align with circadian rhythms to improve sleep quality. Furniture with soft edges and ergonomic designs supports physical well-being, while storage solutions optimize organization.

Natural materials like cotton, linen, wool, and wood enhance tactile appeal, along with soft furnishings made from luxurious fabrics. Artwork featuring fractal-based designs and personal items evoke joy and self-expression, while olfactory design enhances the ambiance through scents. Water features and ambient background music further contribute to a pleasant living energy, completing the holistic approach to interior design.