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Mediterranean style exudes warmth and vibrancy through earthy tones, intricate patterns, and decor inspired by southern European seaside villas.

The colour palette includes chalky whites, oceanic blues, and warm hues, with accents of dark browns and gilded details. Architectural features draw from Italian Renaissance and Spanish Revival styles, with white stucco walls, wrought-iron elements, arched doors, and terracotta roofs. Flooring options range from wide-plank wood and terracotta tiles to colorful ceramic tiles in geometric patterns.

Lighting fixtures vary from ornate chandeliers to simple ceramic pendants, while window treatments prioritize natural light with sheer curtains and bamboo blinds. Furniture tends towards oversized, classic pieces crafted from natural materials like wood and rattan. Texture and materials play a significant role, with dark woods, terracotta, stone, and wrought iron adding depth.

Artwork includes traditional frescoes and statement mirrors with ornate frames, while accessories focus on handcrafted items like ceramic vases and woven baskets.

Lush foliage, fragrant herbs, and water features bring vitality to Mediterranean interiors, evoking the charm of coastal living.