Old Bank Atelier: A New Concept Store by Suzie Anderson Home

Old Bank Atelier: A New Concept Store by Suzie Anderson Home

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Nestled in Moss Vale, NSW, the Old Bank Atelier by Suzie Anderson Home is a cutting-edge new concept store that promises a retail experience like no other. The store's exquisite design is crafted to whisk visitors away to a whimsical world that exudes the charm of a Parisian boutique.

Suzie and David have turned an outdated 70s-style bank into an unmatched retail destination, and their unwavering commitment to detail is evident in every aspect of the renovation, from the flooring and architectural elements to the paint and built-in cabinetry.

The merchandise on display is sourced from a multitude of regions across Europe and handpicked from one-of-a-kind local artisans. These treasures are showcased against a striking, evocative, and moody old bank backdrop that captivates the senses.



French style store in Moss vale

French style decor Suzie Anderson Home

The new concept store prides itself on curating a collection of items that are exclusive and rare to find elsewhere. With an array of products that range from handcrafted French lighting, sumptuous textiles, objet d'art, paper sculptures, enticing fragrances, and more. 

You can explore a small range of our products on display here.

Indulge your senses further with the 19th-century French bank teller, floor-to-ceiling antique cabinetry, a captivating portrait staircase, and a bespoke reading nook that adds to the overall inviting country house ambiance of the store.

The original bank vault has been transformed into a cozy Gentleman's den that showcases clothing, fashion accessories, and toiletries.

Here is a list of sources for some of the most notable elements:

  • The Wall Paint Colour: "Mineral" by Porters Paints. This deep, dark shade of grey is underpinned with warm tones. 
  • The Gentlemen's Den Wallpaper: Andrew Martin Wallpaper. Since 1978, Andrew Martin has been at the forefront of global design, and the Gallery Portrait wallpaper in charcoal is no exception.
  • The Entry Fireplace: An Ilektro 950 electric fire (which we dressed with an antique mantle) by Highland Fires.
  • Artisan Weave Flooring Surry Hills | Rustic Sisal in Granite. 

Atelier Wallpaper

Old Bank Atelier Suzie Anderson Home

Old Bank Atelier Suzie Anderson Home Whether you're a connoisseur of the intricate details of European homewares, a lover of textures and artisanal products, or simply appreciate classical architectural elements, the new store guarantees an immersive encounter.

Customers can take a sneak peek at this hidden gem of the Southern Highlands through our Instagram gallery (here) and interior portfolio (here).

Old Portrait Stairs Old Bank Atelier Suzie Anderson Home

Location & Trading Hours

Ready to explore this charming Southern Highlands gem in person?

The new concept store is located opposite our flagship Suzie Anderson Home Moss Vale store at 396 Argyle Street, Moss Vale, NSW. 

Opening Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 10:30am to 4:30pm

Sunday: 10:30am to 3pm

Don't miss out on this unique retail experience - come and visit us today.

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French style concept store Moss Vale

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